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Suir Plant Ltd.
Owning, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny
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Celebrating 30 years in business


Suir Plant Ltd has achieved third party ISO accreditation for Health & Safety, Quality & Environmental. This multiple certification demonstrates Suir Plant Ltd’s ongoing and consistent commitment to the Health, Safety & Welfare of all persons involved in our projects, our dedication to ensure a quality product is delivered every time and our care to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

We deliver all projects in accordance with the following standards:

Health & Safety OHAS 18001 | Quality ISO 9001  | Environmental ISO 14001

Health & Safety ISO (18001) 45001

Health & Safety Management – Suir Plant Ltd is committed to provide a planned, safe and healthy work environment for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and general public and to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, the Safety, health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007-16-16 and the Safety, health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013.

Quality ISO 9001

Quality Management System – Suir Plant Ltd operates a Quality Management System, which provides employees with a clear methodical system for delivering the company’s products and services in conformance with contractual requirements. With the application of the procedures in this Quality Management System, Suir Plant Ltd provides evidence of the quality obligations set out in the contract are being achieved. This Quality management System covers works related to water service repairs and maintenance and any associated civil engineering works.

Quality Management System ImplementationThe procedures in this Quality Management System explain the process and responsibilities, which are in place to ensure minimal digression from the contract specifications. It is the responsibility of all employees to partake and contribute to improving the Quality Management System as part of the company’s continuous efforts to improve the system.

Environmental ISO 14001

Environmental Management – Suir Plant Ltd is committed to carrying out all projects in an environmentally conscious manner adhering to the project specific environmental safeguards.

Works are executed in conformance with this Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Suitable precautionary measures are carried out before each activity. Suir plant Ltd is dedicated to providing training, personnel, equipment, materials, and other resources that all aspects of the environmental requirements of this contract are met.


As the majority of Suir Plant Ltd’s works are in the vicinity of the general public and often involve working on private property, Suir Plant Ltd recognised its responsibilities to the communities in which we work. Suir Plant Ltd operates a community relations plan with the following goals:

  • Establish an open working relationship with the community,
  • Keep the public informed of impacting progress throughout the project,
  • Distribute relevant project information in relation to routine and non routine works,
  • Provide a means for the public to provide feedback and give input into the project as it progresses.

Our team is experienced with working on private property and are committed to providing the respect to which householders are entitled.

Suir Plant Ltd is committed to community development and contribute annually to local charities that are close to the hearts of the Suir Plant Ltd team. We are very honoured to be associated with these charities and are proud of the accomplishments achieved with the aid of our donations. We will endeavour to continue these donations into the future with the aim of a better community for everyone.